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B1.1-Reading-Test 15

Read the article about Indian films.
Are sentences 1-7 'Right' (A) or 'Wrong' (B)? If there is not enough information to answer 'Right' (A) or 'Wrong' (B), choose 'Doesn't say' (C). For questions 1-7, check the correct answer A, B or C.

Bollywood Bollywood

'Bollywood', which is the name of the film industry in Mumbai, India, makes almost 1,000 films a year. Since making its first film in 1913, Bollywood has made over 29,000 films. This is a much higher number than the USA and means it is the biggest film industry in the world. Most Indians like watching films better than any other free-time activity and ten million of them go to the cinema every day. Bollywood films tell romantic love stories, and singing and dancing are an important part of every film. Indian films are also enjoyed outside India. Last year, Bollywood made over $500 million by selling its films to other countries.

Indian actors make more films each year than American actors in Hollywood, but they are not paid as much. This is why most Bollywood films only cost about $2 million to make. A Hollywood film is never made for under $5 million.

Most Hollywood actors are young. They work hard but only for a few years. Amitabh Bachchan, who some people say is India's greatest actor, is different. He has been the star of more than 140 films during an acting career of almost 40 years.
0. The Indian film industry is called Bollywood.
1. Since 1913, Bollywood has made just under 29,000·films.
2. A lot more films are made in India than in the USA.
3. Going to the cinema is most Indians' favourite hobby.
4. Bollywood spends a lot of money on advertisements to sell its films.
5. Films are cheaper to make in Bollywood than in Hollywood.
6. Most Bollywood actors work in films until they are quite old.
7. Many young Indian actors would like to work with the Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan.

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