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B1.1-Reading-Test 14

Read the article about Nick Barlow, who makes travel programmes for television.
Are sentences 1-7 'Right' (A) or 'Wrong' (B)? If there is not enough information to answer 'Right' (A) or 'Wrong' (B), choose 'Doesn't say' (C). For questions 1-7, check the correct answer A, B or C.

World traveller World traveller

Nick Barlow loves his work. He's a British actor and he travels around the world making TV programmes. 'People welcome me everywhere I go and when I get home I remember all the wonderful things that happened in each country.' Nick has travelled to many places but there are a few trips that he would still like to make. 'I'd love to visit South America and go back to Australia one day,' he says.

On each trip, Nick travels with a team of people. They bring the cameras and other filming equipment needed to make the programme. Nick doesn't take a lot of things for himself, just a few shirts and trousers, but he always makes sure he has some books in his suitcase.

Nick's wife, Helen, doesn't mind him travelling for his work. She has a lot of friends and keeps busy. When he gets back, she likes to listen to all his travel stories. But sometimes there are problems. When he was in the Malaysian rain forest, Nick heard that his wife was ill in hospital. 'I felt terrible because I couldn't help, but she didn't want me to come home. I was so happy when I heard she was better.'
0. Nick Barlow enjoys his job.
1. Nick says that people in the places he visits are very friendly.
2. Nick buys something to take home from every country he visits.
3. On some trips, Nick travels alone.
4. There are often problems with the television cameras.
5. Every time Nick goes away, he packs something to read.
6. Helen is unhappy when he's away from home.
7. When Helen was sick, Nick returned home.

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