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Read the following passage and choose the best answers.


What if you ate only one kind of food at every meal? The truth is that you shouldn’t eat one kind of food all the time. The nutrients in different foods play different roles in your body.

Grains give your body energy. Oatmeal and brown rice are very helpful grains. They can give you energy throughout the day.

Meat and beans are good for your growth. This is because beef, poultry, fish, and beans contain protein. Protein makes your muscles, skin, hair, and nails healthy.

Milk, cheese, and other dairy products have calcium in them. Calcium keeps your bones strong. Drinking milk or a yogurt smoothie is a healthy and tasty way to start the day!

Don’t forget your fruit and vegetables. They contain many vitamins and minerals. You need these for your body to work well. Most of them are also low in calories and fat.

Each food has an important purpose in your body. Eating a balanced diet will help you stay healthy and strong!


1. What is the main idea of this passage?
2. Oatmeal and brown rice are _____ .
3. Beef, fish, and beans are good for our growth because they contain _____ .
4. Which is NOT a dairy product?
5. In the fifth paragraph, what does the word these refer to?

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