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1. You can cook
One of the great pleasures in life is eating and if you can cook, you will always be able to conjure up a delicious meal even if you only have a few ingredients.
2. English grammar guide
A self-study English grammar guide using innovative visual learning methods to make even the trickiest points easy to understand, for the approximately 1 million adults in the United States learning English as a second language.
3. Reading comprehension for kindly kids
These reading comprehension tasks are centred around topics of interest to children in the 4-6 year age group. Some of the stories are short (‘Anna’s New Bike’ has 40 words) while others are much longer (‘The Ram and the Rainbow’ has 157 words). The passages are graded (in levels) according to how students are required to answer the questions and there are 10 stories for each level.
4. See how they grow - Pony
A series of books for young readers charts the growth of animals and amphibians in charismatic, full-color, close-up and sequential action photographs taken over a period of hours, weeks, and/or months.
5. Reading Wonders SB
Reading Wonders is the first and only reading program designed specifically for the Common Core State Standards for Reading/Language Arts. Combining research-based instruction with new tools to meet today's challenges, every component and every lesson is designed for effective and efficient CCSS instruction.


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