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Read the following passage and choose the best answers.


John and his daughter Margaret were slaves in Mississippi. One night, they were gathering firewood. John stopped and pointed to a quilt hanging on the fence.
“We need to pack our things and leave tonight,” he said. “How do you know, Dad?” asked Margaret. “Do you see the boxes on the quilt?” John said. “They mean it’s time to go.” Margaret was confused. Her father explained that it wasn’t an ordinary quilt: This freedom quilt had important information on it. They could use it to escape!
They packed and left. They used the North Star quilts to find their way north. They saw a quilt with bear paws on it near a stream. They could find food and water there.
They became tired. “Where will we stay along the way?” Margaret asked. “Do you see the log cabin quilts?” John said. “Those are safe places where we can sleep. The people there will help us.”
The freedom quilts guided them along their journey. In a few months, they made it to Canada. They could live there in freedom.

1. What is the main idea of this passage?
2. John and Margaret were _____ , and they lived in _____ .
3. The freedom quilts had important pieces of _____ .
4. When John and Margaret saw boxes on the quilt, they _____ .
5. Which are NOT quilts that John and Margaret saw?

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