Friday, January 17, 2020

B1.2-Reading-Test 31

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.


A mysterious city
Teotihuacan was once one of the world's most important cities, but many things about it are still unknown today. How did the people live, and why did they abandon their City? For years, answers to some of these questions have been buried in the Pyramid of the Moon. Now, findings in this ancient structure are helping archeologists learn more about the Teotihuacan’s people and their culture.

Clues in the Pyramid
Until recently, many experts thought that Teotihuacan was a peaceful society, mostly ruled by gentle and wise leaders. But recent findings in the Pyramid of the Moon indicate something else. Archeologists discovered a number of headless bodies. Most were foreigners. Many had their hands tied and were buried alive, along with animals, weapons and other objects of power. Apparently the people in objects found inside the pyramid were offerings to the gods.

However the findings in the pyramid are difficult to interpret. “These findings are like sentences” says archeologist Leonardo Lopez Lujan, “but we don't have all the words so they're hard to read”. Despite these problems, several archeologists have concluded this: Teotihuacan was not a society governed by peaceful rulers. “In reality, officials used human sacrifice”, says archeologist Saburo Sugiyama, “to control the people.” The city probably also had a powerful army.

The Search Goes On
Who were the city’s leaders? Scientists don't know. They have not found a king buried in the pyramid of any statues of Teotihuacan’s rulers. But archeologists continue to search for them. They hope to learn more about the pyramid’s creators and one of the world's most powerful ancient cities.

1. What is the reading mainly about?
2. In paragraph 2, what does the word clues mean?
3. Whats have NOT been found in the Pyramid of the Moon?
4. In paragraph 3, an archeologist says, “These findings are like sentences, but we don't have all the words so they're hard to read”.. What does he mean?
5. In paragraph 4, what does the word them refer to?

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