Friday, January 17, 2020

B1.2-Reading-Test 30

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.


Silk. The word itself is beautiful. The story of silk starts in China over 4,000 years ago. One Legend says a silkworm cocoon fell into a woman’s teacup. It then opened into a single unbroken thread. This was an important Discovery. The Chinese learned they could use the cocoon to make cloth that was both beautiful to look at and soft to touch.

Making silk was a protected secret in China for many years. In other countries, silk was very rare and valuable. Often it was worth more than gold. Legend tells us that the secret finally got out when a princess left China to go to India in her hair, she secretly carried many silkworms.

By the year 1 A.D., silk was sold as far west as Rome, and all along the Silk Road, which connected China with places in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Eventually, around the year 300, silk also traveled from China to Japan. Centuries later, in 1522, the Spanish brought silkworms to Mexico.

Nowadays people around the world still make many beautiful things from silk. But silk isn't only beautiful. It looks delicate but it's actually very strong. For example, it has been used to make bicycle tires. And some doctors even use silk threads in hospital operations. Silk is also lightweight and warm. This makes it great for clothes like winter jackets, pants and boots.

All of this from a little insect - the silkworm. That is the miracle of silk.

1. This reading is mainly about _____.
2. According to legend, how did people first learn about silk?
3. According to the passage, which sentence is NOT true?
4. In the first paragraph, it say, "In other countries, silk was very rare and valuable. Often it was worth more than gold." What does this mean?
5. In paragraph 4, we can change the word "actualy" to _____.

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