Friday, January 17, 2020

B1.2-Reading-Test 23

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.


Many people say dolphins are very intelligent. They seem to be able to think, understand, and learn things quickly. But are they smart like humans or more like cats or dogs? Dolphins use their brains differently from people. But scientists say dolphin intelligence an human intelligence are alike in some ways. How?

FACT 1: Talk to me
Like humans, every dolphin has its own "name". The name is a special whistle. Each dolphin chooses a specific whistle for itself, usually by its first birthday. Actually, scientists think dolphins, like people, "talk" to each other about a lot of things such as their age, their feelings, or finding food. And, like humans, dolphins use a system of sounds and body language to communicate. But understanding their conversations is not easy for humans. No one "speaks dolphin" yet, but scientists are trying to learn.

FACT 2: Let's play
Dolphins are also social animals. They live in groups called pods, and they often join others from different pods to play games and have fun - just like people. In fact, playing together is something only intelligent animals do.

FACT 3: Fishermen's helpers
Dolphins and humans are similar in other way: both make plans to get something they want. In the sea of southern Brazil, for example, dolphins use an interesting strategy to get food. When fish are near a boat. dolphins signal to the fishermen to put their nets in the warter. Using this method, the men can catch a lot of fish. What is the advantage for the dolphins? Why do they assist the men? The dolphins get to eat some of the fish.

1. What is the main idea of the reading?
2. Which sentence about dolphin language is true?
3. Why do dolphins sometimes help fishermen?
4. In paragraph 3, the word others means other _____.
5. In the sentence "The dolphins get to eat some of the fish" in paragraph 4, what does get to mean?

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