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B1.1-Reading-Test 21

Read the article about the bedrooms of three teenagers and then answer the questions.
For questions 1-7, mark A, B or C on your answer sheet.

My Bedroom

My Bedroom

Robert likes his room to be tidy, but it's difficult as it's his brother's bedroom too. When Robert is alone in the room he does his homework or listens to music. On the walls there are a few small posters. Robert wants to have more, and to paint the walls yellow, but his mother doesn't agree. There are photographs of family holidays and of his sister's children. 'I like my room best when they're here. It gets untidy, but I don't mind.'

James's bedroom is painted in his favourite colour, yellow. He loves rugby, and there are several photos of him playing in the school team. 'After school I like to come up here to play computer games. My room's like my safe place. I can relax here.' james keeps his room tidy. His school work is on one shelf, and on another he has all his books.

'After school I come up here and chat to everyone I know on the computer,' says Harry. 'I never work in here - I study in the kitchen.' He has a big desk with a laptop in the middle, a PC on one side and a lamp on the other. On the walls there are two posters of his favourite tennis stars. 'I don't do much sport but I like watching tennis.'
0. Whose room has yellow walls?
1. Who has more than one computer in his room?
2. Who would like more pictures on the walls?
3. Who has pictures of himself doing sport?
4. Who shares his room with someone else?
5. Who talks to friends when he's in his room?
6. Who sometimes has visitors to his room?
7. Who studies in his bedroom?


Score =


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