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A2-Reading-Test 3

Part 1: Read the story about Angela and Christine. Then answer questions 1 to 4. For questions 1-3, Check the correct answer A, B or C.

Angela and Christine are best friends. They do things together every day. One day, Angela came to school with a new girl. "Who is that girl, Angela?" Christine asked. "This is my cousin Sonia. Her family moved to our town. She's going to study with us," Angela replied. "I see. Hi, I'm Christine. Welcome to our school," Christine said. "Do you want to get some ice cream after school?" Christine asked. "Sorry, but I have something to do with Sonia today," answered Angela. "Oh, OK," said Christine. "Then maybe next time." Christine acted as if she were OK, but she wasn't.
After school she felt upset about what had happened. "Angela has changed. We used to do things together, but since she has her cousin, she doesn't need me anymore," Christine thought.
"Happy birthday, Christine!" said Angela to Christine as she gave her a jewelry box the next day. "I couldn't pick out your birthday present with you, so I brought Sonia and we found this together. Do you like it?" Angela asked. "I thought you didn't want to be friends with me anymore," said Christine, feeling embarrassed. "What? That's not true. You are my best friend. I love hanging out with you. Now let's go get some ice cream," Angela said.

1. Who is Sonia?
2. Why did Sonia come to Angela's school?
3. Why was Christine upset?
4. What did Angela get for Christine?

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