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A1.2-Reading-Test 16

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.

Why Do We Have Summer?

Many people love summertime! This is because of the fantastic weather during summer. In summer, it is usually hot and sunny. But during winter, it is cold and snowy. This is because summer and winter are different seasons. Did you ever wonder why we have different seasons?
Seasons are different because the earth travels around the sun. This is called the earth’s orbit. As the earth orbits, it is also tilted. That means that the earth doesn’t stand up straight. So when the earth moves, we get different amounts of sunlight.
Imagine we are in the northern part of the earth. In summer, this part is tilted toward the sun. So we have more sunlight and hotter days. In winter, this part is tilted away from the sun. This means that we get less sunlight and our days are colder!
Our seasons change because the earth moves throughout the year. In summer, you can enjoy sunny skies. It is the earth that makes it possible!
reading test

1. What is the passage mainly about?
2. What is the earth’s orbit?
3. As the earth moves, we get different amounts of .
4. When the northern part of the earth is tilted toward the sun, it experiences _____ .
5. The seasons change throughout the _____ .

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