Friday, January 17, 2020

B1.2-Reading-Test 28

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.


Were dinosaurs just big reptiles?
For years, scientists think dinosaurs were big, dumb, and cold-blooded - in other words, just giant reptiles. Some dinosaurs were huge. But many were about the size of modern-day birds or dogs. Were dinosaurs warm or cold blooded? Paleontologists are not sure. But they believe some were intelligent. Of course no dinosaur was as smart as a human or even a monkey. However some smaller dinosaurs like the two-meter (six-foot) Troodon had fairly large brains.

Was Tyrannosaurus Rex a powerful predator?
Some scientists think the opposite is true. In the movies T-Rex is often a speedy giant, but in fact, this dinosaur could not run very fast. Physically, it was too large. In reality, T-Rex probably moved as fast as an elephant. Also, T-Rex had very small arms. Without strong legs or arms, this dinosaur probably wasn’t a powerful Hunter. It may have been a scavenger instead, only eating animals that were already dead.

Did an asteroid kill the Dinosaurs?
An asteroid hit Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula about 65 million years ago it created a 180 km (110-mile) wide crater called Chicxulub. Many believe this asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. But eleven before this, dinosaurs were already dying out around the world for many reasons at the end of the Cretaceous period, for example, the global climate was changing: the Earth's temperature was getting colder.

Are all dinosaurs now extinct?
Dinosaurs completely disappeared about 65 million years ago. However, scientists believe modern-day birds are descendants of certain dinosaurs. If this is true, then dinosaurs’ relatives are still walking and flying Among us!

1. Another title for this reading could be _____.
2. Which statement about the Troodon is probably true?
3. Some paleontologists think T-Rex was a scavenger. What does the word scavenger mean?
4. What is Chilcxulub?
5. At the end of Cretacerous period _____.

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