Friday, August 16, 2019

B1.1-Reading-Test 32

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.

Rich Dogs

when wealthy people pass away, they usually leave instructions for what to do with the money or property that they leave behind. Often, the money and property go to their heirs. However, in some cases, rich pet owners leave their wealth to their pets after they die.

For example, there is a poodle named Toby. When this poodle’s owner passed away, she left Toby 15 million pounds (about $25 million). Then there is Flossie, a yellow Lab mutt, who is not only rich, but is also famous. In 2001, Flossie made the headlines after she rescued her owner, the actress Drew Barrymore and Drew’s husband, from a house fire. To thank Flossie, Drew gave her house to Flossie. Of course, Drew repaired the fire damage first. Now, Flossie is the owner of a beautiful $3 million home.

It may seem strange for a dog to own such an expensive home, but Flossie is not the only dog like that. Gunther IV, a German Shepherd, bought his home from Madonna and paid over $7 million for the house. However, this was no big deal for him because Gunther IV has about $200 million! This makes him the richest dog in the world. He inherited the money from his father, who was the heir to the fortune of a German countess.

1. What could be another title for this reading?
2. Why is Flossie famous?
3. What do Flossie and Gunther have in common?
4. The price Gunther IV paid for his house was _____.
5. Based on the reading, which of the following is probably true?

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