Friday, August 16, 2019

B1.1-Reading-Test 23

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.


How many Siberian tigers roam the wild? No less than a hundred years ago, these animals were not very hard to find. They were easily seen in the mountains of Russia, China, and Korea. However, in recent years, these cats have become close to extinct because of illegal hunters and loss of habitat and food. Most of them live in the forests of Russia and some live in the mountains of China. They can no longer be found in Korea.

Ten years ago, the population of Siberian tigers was estimated at between 415 and 416. "We're concerned that the tiger population may be decreasing," says Sybille Klezendorf of the World Wildlife Fund. SHe is currently working to find and protect the living tiger population. In the winter of 2005, she and several scientists set out to study the number of tigers in the wild. Hopefully, their studies will help them to find better ways to stop the tigers from becoming extinct.

1. The main idea of this passage is that Siberian tigers _____.
2. The best title for this passage would be _____.
3. Siberian tigers can no longer be found in _____.
4. Siberian tigers have become _____.
5. Sybille Klezendorf is trying to _____.

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