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B1.1-Reading-Test 19

Read the article about a basketball player called Susanna Brightman. Are sentences 1–7 ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B)? If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B), choose ‘Doesn’t say’ (C).
For questions 1-7, check the correct answer A, B or C.

Susanna Brightman Susanna Brightman

Susanna Brightman is a young Australian basketball player. She is 195 cm tall, and very fast and strong. Some people say she may become the best player in the world one day. As well as playing for her own country, she plays for a team called Boston Hawks in America.

Susanna was born on 15th June 1992. Her mother and father were both basketball players and when she was just 2 weeks old she was already travelling around the country with them while they played basketball. When she was still very young, Susanna told her parents she wanted to play for Australia. At the age of 16, she played for her country for the first time.

But things have not always been easy. When Susanna was 12, she toured Australia for the first time. One day, the team she was playing for lost an important match because Susanna didn’t want to play. Susanna’s parents were angry with her but told her that she didn’t have to play basketball if she didn’t want to. She needed to think hard about her future. Luckily, Susanna decided she wanted to be a basketball player after all, and since then she has worked very hard to become an even better player.
0. Susanna Brightman comes from Australia.
1. Some people think Susanna is the best basketball player in the world today.
2. Susanna has won an important competition with Boston Hawks.
3. Susanna’s parents stopped playing basketball when Susanna was born.
4. Susanna first became interested in playing basketball when she was a little child.
5. Susanna’s parents asked her to stop playing basketball when she was 12.
6. Susanna gets angry when her team loses.
7. Susanna knows what she wants to do with her life.

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