Saturday, March 30, 2019

A1.2-Reading-Test 30

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.

The Sun: The Most Important Star

The sun is a very hot star. What do you know about it?

How far away is the sun?
The sun is the closest star to the earth. But it’s still about 150 million kilometers away. If you drove a car, it would take more than 160 years to get there. However, other stars are much farther away.

How big is the sun?
The sun is much bigger than the earth. It is more than 1 million kilometers across. That’s about 109 times larger than the earth!

How hot is the sun?
The sun is very hot. Like all stars, it is a burning ball of gas. Its average surface temperature is 5,700 degrees Celsius. But its core is about 15 million degrees Celsius. The earth’s average surface temperature is only 20 degrees Celsius.

How important is the sun to us?
The sun gives the earth light and energy. It keeps us warm. It also helps plants grow. Without the sun, people could not live on the earth.

Actually, the sun is not unique in the universe. The sun is a common middle-sized star. But the sun is the most important star to the earth. When you think about stars, don’t forget about the sun!

1. What is this passage mainly about?
2. Compared to the sun, why do other stars look like little dots?
3. The sun is about 109 times _____ than the earth.
4. Which is NOT true about the sun?
5. Without the sun, the earth would be _____.

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