Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A1.2-Reading-Test 27

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.

Animals Adapting to City Life

Cities are full of tall buildings, factories, and cars. They are very useful places for people to live. However, for animals, living in a city can be tough. This is why some animals have changed to survive city life.

The peppered moth, for example, changes its color to survive in the city. There is a lot of air pollution in the city. This makes the surface of trees darker. The peppered moth changes to a darker color to match the trees. In this way, it can hide from other animals.

The great tit changes its voice to survive in the city. It sings to find a mate. But in the city, it is too noisy for other birds to hear it singing. So the great tit changes its song to a higher pitch.

In the forest, the crow drops seeds and nuts from high above to crack them on the ground. Then it can get the food inside. However, the city crow has a better method. It drops its seeds on the street and waits for cars to crush them. Then it swoops down and grabs its meal.

1. What is the main idea of this passage?
2. Living in a city can be _____ for people, but it can be _____ for animals.
3. The peppered moth changes color to match the _____.
4. What does the great tit have to change to survive in the city?
5. How does the city crow crush seeds?

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