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A Song for Spring | A1.1-Reading-Test 02

Read the following passage and choose the best answers.

A Song for Spring

Antonio Vivaldi was a musician in Italy. He wrote songs about the four seasons. His song “Spring” has a famous part called Allegro.
Allegro is the first part of the song. It sounds a lot like spring. Its rhythm is quick and joyful.
In Allegro, violins make the cheerful sounds of birds. You can also hear the gentle wind. Then the whole orchestra creates the sound of falling rain.
Later, one violin makes the sound of thunder and lightning. Finally, all the violins sound like birds singing again.
Do you want to hear the sounds of spring? Listen to Vivaldi’s Allegro!

reading test

1. What is this passage mainly about?
2. What is the rhythm of Antonio Vivaldi’s Allegro like?
3. Which instruments make the cheerful sounds of birds?
4. In Allegro, the whole orchestra sounds like falling _____ .
5. In the second paragraph, what does the word It refer to?


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