Friday, December 7, 2018

B1.1-Reading-Test 1

Read the information about three books and then answer the questions.
For questions 1 - 7, Check the correct answer A, B or C.

New books this month
The Long Night
This is David Reilly's first book. David became a writer after teaching English for several years.
Maha is a nurse in northern Australia, where she works in a small hospital. One day a baby is so ill that Maha has to drive all night to get her to the nearest big city. They have a lot of problems getting there and ...
Hard Work
This exciting story is Joanna Jones's twentieth.
Hard Work is about Sombat, who works with his father, a carpenter, in Thailand. They work long, hard hours making tables and chairs, but they do not have any money. Then one day a man dressed all in black buys the most beautiful table in the shop ...
Hospital or Cinema?
Marcie Jacome, who studies English in London, wrote this story earlier this year.
Tina is a young Brazilian woman whose dream is to become a doctor. She goes to London to study English and medicine but one day she meets a man who asks her to go to the USA with him to become a film star... What will Tina do?
0. Which book is about somebody who works with doctors?
1. Which book is by somebody who has written a lot of books?
2. Which book is about somebody who is very poor?
3. Which book is about somebody who would like to work in a hospital?
4. Which book is by somebody who worked in a school?
5. Which book is about a difficult journey?
6. Which book is about a man and his son?
7. Which book is by a student?
Score =

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