Saturday, December 8, 2018

A2-Reading-Test 1

Part 1: ___________________________
Read about Michelle. Then answer questions 1 to 3.
For questions 1-3, Check the correct answer A, B or C.

Name: Michelle Cooper

My best friend: Jennifer Lee

Things I like about her: She knows funny jokes. She makes everyone laugh. She's nice and kind to everyone.

Things that are different from me: She likes math, but I like English. She likes chocolate milk, but I like strawberry milk.

1. What does Michelle think of Jennifer as?
2. What does Michelle like about Jennifer?
3. What does Michelle like?
Part 2: ____________
Read the letter. Then answer questions 4 to 5.
For questions 4-5, Check the correct answer A, B or C.

Dear Alex,
How are you doing? Do you like your new home? How's your new school? It has been a month since you moved to your new city. Did you make many friends? We all miss you a lot. We talk about our best player (That's you!) when we play basketball after school. We had a tournament last week, and we came in second. If you were here, we could have won the whole thing.
Write to tell us how you are doing and what your new school is like.
Let's keep in touch. Take care.
Your best friend,

4. What is true about Alex?
5. Why did Michael write a letter to Alex?
GET YOUR SCORE____________

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